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Who we are

Barrie Free Methodist Church is not a new Church, in fact we have been in the area for approximately 100 years!  We are located North Barrie. We are a church that desires to see individuals transformed, our communities transformed and the world transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. We want you to have a vital faith. We want you to have an intimate and life-giving walk with God… teach you to know, love and follow Jesus.

Our Mission & Vision

1. BFMC is a community of believers intentionally planted by God in Barrie, working together as members of one body. (Romans 12:4-5)
2. Our purpose is to live like Christ, leading people into an authentic relationship with Him. (2 Corinthians 5:20)
3.We are committed to making and becoming Christ’s disciples; to maturing together (Ephesians 4:14-15) as we find our place in ministry – within our walls, in the community, and around the world. (Galatians 6:9)
4. All that we do is grounded in Christ’s love, because without it, nothing else matters. (1 Corinthians 13)

Our Core Values

  • We believe all people are created to be in loving, personal relationship with God, through Jesus Christ.
  • We believe every follower of Jesus is on a “mission”, wherein their unique gifts, passion, abilities, personality, and experiences have eternal applications today.
  • We believe that God’s primary solution to all life issues is Jesus Christ. God’s design is: each person called into Conversion, Confession, and then Church family.
  • We believe being nurtured in Christ happens best in small groups. Authenticity and accountability are essential to spiritual and relational growth.
  • We believe the chief end of church is to worship God.
  • We believe the church must be culturally relevant while remaining doctrinally pure.
  • We believe anointed, corporate worship and Biblical teaching are catalysts for life transformation, which is holiness (“holiness” is a result of being in the presence of God).
  • We believe the local church must respond to its surrounding community’s needs. We should be a positive community presence.
  • We believe in the priority, necessity, responsibility, and awesome privilege of prayer, both privately and corporately.
  • We believe God has a plan for family. The church must therefore, nurture family and respond to all areas and stages of family life.
  • We believe the local church is to be led by those called and gifted with leadership. The leadership should be committed to the supremacy of Christ and fully committed to the gifting and empowering of the Holy Spirit.
  • We believe in the final authority of the Bible with its personal application to our lives.
  • We believe the local church is part of the “universal” church. We therefore, participate in home and cross-cultural mission.

The Free Methodist Church views all baptized believers as members of the Body of Christ. We also place a high value on committing to working together with those who have a commitment to the values and practices of a local church.

Ultimately, membership is about belonging to a community of believers for the purpose of:

  1. Growing in your faith
  2. Using your gifts to help others grow in their faith
  3. Accountability

Membership is a high privilege and carries with it both rights and responsibilities. It should not be entered into lightly. Membership is a public declaration to covenant with similarly committed people at a specific location to walk together as Jesus’ disciples.

What’s a “Free” Methodist?
The Free Methodist Church was founded in the United States in 1860 by a group of pastors and lay people who were emphasizing several important beliefs that the Methodist Church did not support.

We are called “free” because we believe in:

  • Freedom of all people from slavery; the belief that all people are equal.
  • Free seats for all people; in the Methodist church, people who could not afford to rent a place to sit felt less important than those who could. The belief in equality is true in regards to finances as well as race or colour.
  • Freedom to worship as the Spirit leads (and not be limited to ‘tradition’)
  • Freedom from the slavery of sin – John Wesley taught that we could be free from sin through the sanctifying (making holy) work of the Holy Spirit and the practice of the spiritual disciplines (including prayer, fasting, study of Scripture, and worship)
  • Freedom from membership in secret societies (like the Free Masons) who require allegiance to the secret society over allegiance to the church.

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1939 August 20-24th of 1939 Eastern Ontario Annual Conference was held and Rev Barclay Warren was appointed to Barrie

1947 Land was Obtained in 1947 and a Church was constructed at 200 Bayfield Street North

1965 Major Renovations to the Church took place, and it was officially dedicated in 1965

1971 Adjacent property was purchased and the hayfield facility was built ready for use in December 1971

1998 Vision casting began and LYP was formed as well as new mission statement

1999 LTP began process of determining our next steps. Exploring the previous Timothy Christian School on Ferris Lane

2001 Last Service at Bayfield Street location was on Sept 8th 2001

Temp Facilities at the Trillium Room in the Barrie Event Centre (former Barrie Fair Grounds)

Barrie Free Methodist Church at 290 Cundles Rd E

2004 Held its first service March 7th 2004 & official Opening was April 4th

2005 November the Church Board Shifted from Building phase to Commercial Mortage

2006 We focused towards Global Missions & joined partnership with FM Church in Ghana