What is a small group?

A small group is any group of people getting together regularly to talk about the Bible, to pray, to ask life questions, to laugh, to encourage.

Who can join a small group?

Anyone!  Small groups are open to all who make BFMC their home church.

Why small groups?

“You know that I have not hesitated to preach anything that would be helpful to you but have taught you publicly and from house to house.” – Acts 20:20

Small groups are not a new idea.  The first Christians met in homes to pray and learn from the Bible.  John Wesley, founder of the Methodist movement, had a keen interest in the health of people.  He used the idea of small groups in what were called “classes.”  Methodist classes were groups of believers who met with the specific intention of pursuing holiness (becoming more like Jesus).  Other groups met for the purposes of encouragement and investigation.

What happens?

  • Prayer:  pray with and for one another
  • Education:  study the Bible, be life-long learners
  • Accountability:  helping one another to live out the “Jesus life” every day
  • Connection:  become friends who care for one another’s needs
  • Encouragement:  serve each other as well as the greater community

Where and when do small groups meet?

Groups usually meet in member’s homes.  Often one or more of the group members acts as the host for a given number of meetings.  The frequency (i.e., weekly, bi-weekly, monthly), the day/time of the week to meet, where to meet, and how long the group meets together are determined by each individual group.  We currently have a number of small groups who meet throughout Barrie and the surrounding area – CONTACT US for locations and times!

How can I join a group?

  • ask a friend at the church to join their group, or
  • let us know on Sunday morning:  fill out a Connection Card and on the back, check “I would like to join a small group” (cards are located in the Friendship Folders during the service and at the Welcome Centre), or
  • contact smallgroups@bfmc.org

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