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Current Sermon Series

September 16 – October 21, 2018

Oct 7"Unity of the Family" - Heb 10:24-25; Col 3:14Rev. Jenn Wagar
Sept 30"Spending Time Daily in Prayer & Scripture" - Heb 4:12; Phil 4:6Rev. Jenn Wagar
Sept 23"Everyone Tells God's Story" - Rom 12:4-5; Acts 1:8Rev. Jenn Wagar (with testimonies from Brett Purinton, Carrie Webb, Henry Yahn, and Purav Tailor)
Sept 16"Jesus First" - Col 1:15-18, Eph 2:4-5Rev. Jenn Wagar

Previous Sermon Series

JUDGES – Living for God in a Society that has Forgotten  |  Jul 1 – Sept 2, 2018

Sept 2"And Israel had no king" - Judges 17-21Rev. Jenn Wagar
Aug 26"Ibzan, Elon and Abdon" - Judges 12:8-15Pastor Velma Shewfelt
Aug 19"Jephtah" - Judges 10-11Jonah Goodyear, Intern
Aug 12"Deborah" - Judges 4-5Rev. Henry Dyck
Aug 5"Gideon" (Part 2) - Judges 6-8Pastor Mike Brain
July 29"Gideon" (Part 1) - Judges 6-8Pastor Mike Brain
July 22"Othniel, Ehud, Shamgar", Expect the Unexpected! - Judges 3:7-31Pastor Velma Shewfelt
July 15"Samson" (Part 2) - Judges 13-16Rob Webb, Lay Minister
July 8"Samson" (Part 1) - Judges 13-16Rob Webb, Lay Minister
July 1"And Israel had no king" - Judges 1-3:6Rev. Jenn Wagar

Life Renos – “Beatitudes” | Apr 22 – Jun 24, 2018

Jun 24LIFE RENOS - Beatitudes - Matt 5:10-12 "Blessed are those who are persecuted..."Associate Pastor, Michael Brain
Jun 17Father's Day - LIFE RENOS - Beatitudes - Matt 5:9 "Blessed are the peacemakers..."Guest Speaker, Marc McAlister - Director of Leadership Development, Free Methodist Church in Canada
Jun 10LIFE RENOS - Beatitudes - Matt 5:8 "Blessed are the pure in heart..."Rev. Jenn Wagar
Jun 3LIFE RENOS - Beatitudes - Matt 5:7 "Blessed are the merciful..."Rob Webb, Lay Minister
May 27LIFE RENOS - Beatitudes - Matt 5:6 "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness..."Rev. Jenn Wagar
May 20LIFE RENOS - Beatitudes - Matt 5:5 "Blessed are the meek..."Rev. Jenn Wagar
May 13Special Mother's Day Message (and Testimony)Testimony - Sandra Blair
Message - Tanya Prinsep
May 6LIFE RENOS - Beatitudes - Matt 5:4 "Blessed are those who mourn..."Rev. Jenn Wagar
Apr 29LIFE RENOS - Beatitudes - Matt 5:3 "Blessed are the poor in spirit..."Rev. Jenn Wagar
Apr 22LIFE RENOS - Beatitudes (Introduction) - Matt 4:23 - 5:1Rev. Jenn Wagar

Encountering Jesus | Feb 18 – Apr 8, 2018

Apr 8CAMP SUNDAY - "The Power of the Camp Experience" (including testimony from Brett Purinton)Rev. Jenn Wagar with Guest Speaker, Frank Domen (Former Camp Director and current Lay Minister at Verona Free Methodist Church)
Apr 1EASTER SUNDAY - "Redeemed"Rev. Jenn Wagar
Mar 25PALM SUNDAY - Encountering Jesus...when People Fail to Meet Our Expectations" - Matt 21:1-11Rev. Jenn Wagar
Mar 18Encountering Forgiveness - Matt 18:21-35Rev. Jenn Wagar
Mar 11Encountering Others (Ghana) - Matt 8:1-13Rev. Jenn Wagar
Mar 4Encountering the Storms of Life - Matt 8:23-27 (Our apologies, some parts of the recording are missing)Rob Webb, Lay Minister
Feb 25Encountering the CommunityGuest Speaker, Steve Bradley, Life 100.3

Real Life Christmas Series | 4 Advent Sundays: Dec 3 – Dec 24, 2017

Dec 31A Real Life Christmas Series - "December 26th and Beyond"Rev. Jenn Wagar
Dec 24A Real Life Christmas Series - "Spread Joy" - Luke 2:8-14Rev. Henry Dyck
Dec 17A Real Life Christmas Series - "Say Yes!" - Luke 1:26-56Rev. Jenn Wagar
Dec 10A Real Life Christmas Series - "The Best Gift" - John 3:16Rev. Jenn Wagar
Dec 3A Real Life Christmas Series - "Make Room" - Luke 2:1-7Special Guest Speaker, Bishop Cliff Fletcher

LIFE HACKS:  Wisdom from the Book of Proverbs | Oct 15  – Nov 26, 2017

A “life hack” is a strategy or technique you adopt in order to manage your time more efficiently.  Long before life hacks were ever an idea, God gave us the book of Proverbs.  This book of the bible is full of strategies that will change our lives!
Nov 26Life Hacks: Money - Prov 3:9-10Rev. Jenn Wagar
Nov 19Life Hacks: Relationships - Prov 3:3-4 with Testimony from Brenda WoodRev. Jenn Wagar
Nov 12Life Hacks: Communication - Prov 15:1-4Rev. Jenn Wagar
Nov 5Life Hacks: Direction - Prov 3:5-6Rev. Jenn Wagar
Oct 29World Relief SundayGuest Speaker, Rev. Don Miller, World Relief Canada
Oct 22Life Hacks: Happiness - Prov 3:13-18Rev. Jenn Wagar
Oct 15Life Hacks: The Fear of the Lord - Prov 3:7-8Rev. Jenn Wagar

Real Life Conversations: Psalms of Life | Sept 3  – Oct 8, 2017

Real Life…
Rest… Sinking… Success… Alone… Messed Up…
At some time in your life, you have experienced each of these moments. That’s Real Life! The Book of Psalms journal the author’s dialogue with God in relation to all their successes and struggles, acclamation’s and grief. The key for these authors was to worship God in every situation! Join us Sunday mornings at 10 AM as we examine this worship journal and allow them to transform your relationship with Jesus.
Oct 8Real Life - "Grateful..." - Psalm 138Rev. Jenn Wagar
Oct 1Real Life - "Messed Up..." - Psalm 51Rev. Jenn Wagar
Sept 24Real Life - "Sinking..." - Psalm 40Rob Webb, Lay Minister
Sept 17Real Life - "Alone..." - Psalm 139Rev. Jenn Wagar
Sept 10Real Life - "Success..." - Psalm 1Rev. Jenn Wagar
Sept 3Real Life - "Rest..." - Psalm 23Rev. Jenn Wagar