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for Jr & Sr Youth 

Darkness! Derkaz! Tarchanjan! Deorc! To be in the absence of light; eclipsed. A space of obscurity, where all perception is practically non-existent, ooooor is it?

On Friday night, it’s back! Where we’ll be playing a variety of games and activities….IN THE DARK! Put your senses to the test, when sight is not an option. Are you intrigued??? Well, you’ll just have to come out and SEE what you can accomplish in the dark. Invite a friend along to join in on the fun, and challenge them to see who is more skilled at navigating the dark. Please bring a snack or drink to share with your peeps at the end of the night.

Invite a friend along to join us.   Don’t miss out, for this night is going to be awesome!  Everyone is welcome!

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