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Once again, it’s that time, when the Girls and da Guys take time to part company, and do their own respective thangs! Soooo, what goes on when Guys and Girls split away from each other? Well, guys like to gather around having deep, analytical discussions about who will win this year’s Holiday Baking Championship, the book of the month and fashion. While, girls like to get rowdy, talking about recent sports news, Austin Matthews and the Leafs chance at winning the Cup, and which comic book character is the coolest.

Ahhhh! Ummmm! I don’t think so.

Well! What can you expect? Lots of games (video/other games), sports and activities for both groups. Come ready to have tons of fun and lettin’ loose. Girls, meet in the gym. And guys, you are in the confines of the Church office to start. Please bring some pop or snacks to share, and invite a friend along too. It’s going to be a wild and crazy night. See ya there!

For more deets, email Leader Dan  or post it on the Facebook event page. 

Invite a friend along to join us.   Don’t miss out, for this night is going to be awesome!  Everyone is welcome!

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