Baptism- by Cliff Fletcher

 “For when you were baptized, you were buried with Christ, and in baptism you were also raised in Christ.” Colossians 2:12

I was baptized in the Ottawa River in early October – it was freezing! I was baptized because I knew that the Bible said I should be. I did not understand all that it meant, or what it would come to mean. I did not feel like I ‘had arrived’ as a believer, in fact I was a new believer. I simply had been given the homework by my church to read certain Bible passages and these verses were very clear about what I needed to do. So I did – freezing in the process – but I did it. Since that moment I have come to learn more about what I did in that river. I am coming to understand the passage above. Let me explain…

“Buried with Christ” is not simple. It is a decision to put to death my first inclinations to look after number one (that’d be me!). It is a decision to kill my goals and dreams. It is a decision to murder old habits, attitudes, opinions that are not shared by God, or don’t originate from Him. You see, Jesus did not die a ‘nice’ death, in His sleep. He was killed, murdered and then buried. It was ugly, and appropriately so because it was our sin that was on that cross. Our sin, for what it does to me, and what I do to others, because of it, has to be destroyed. This is the approach to old-Cliff that I must take. I want passionately to be rid of old-Cliff by being buried with Christ. I cannot cleanse myself, only God can. Now think of this for a second: “buried with Christ”. Many couples share a gravestone and that is a beautiful thing. Well it is beautiful to share Christ’s: your name with His. And it is beautiful because your new gravestone reads: ‘Here lies Jesus and Cliff – NOT!’ Truth is we are then “raised in Christ” with the opportunity to be new. His ideas about life, His dreams about you and for you, His attitudes, His opinions, His strength, His love… And guess whose way is more fulfilling and actually goes somewhere? His or mine? In baptism I am saying loudly and with resolve that His way is best! I want to share that gravestone–what a privilege! And I want to be alive in Christ–in His ways!

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